Bondageworkshop med Lahtnor

by Webansvarlig

Lahtnor 3 day workshop in Oslo

I welcome you to a 3-day workshop in teaching my style and philosophy for safe and efficient rope.
The 3 days are fluid and it’s contents can change and form depending on my interactions with you the participants.
This is in order to create the best possible learning environment and skills most in line with your needs and desires.

Here is the skeleton that will make up the groundwork for the weekend

Day 1
This day will give the core starting point with rope,
the basic techniques and knowledge about body and mind, and
how to safely traverse on you own journeys in the world of ropes

Examples of topics during day 1
Beginner techniques for creating a good foundation with ropes
Body awareness for rigger and model

Day 2-3
We will dive into what makes a structure stable and safe,
what to look for into making great ties and how to achieve it
through proper use of techniques and handling, knowledge and execution.

During these days we will also focus in on the mind of being in ropes.
How we connect emotionally between the one tying and the one being tied.
Playing with fear, pain and expectation.

Examples of topics during day 2 & 3
Structures for upper and lower body ties Tk and Hip Harness
Rope handling and flow
Floorwork & semisuspension
Fear & Mindfuck
Giving pain with ropes

Lahtnor will bring his Handmade ropes for sale during the weekend Workshop
There is also the possibility to book private lessons during the Weekend, these are very limited spaces
so please book in good time before the Weekend by contacting Lahtnor directly at

Schedule and prices

Doors open from 17:30-21:30
18-21 – Basic

Doors open from 09:30-18:30
Part 1
Part 2
Private lessons 18:00 –>

Doors open from 09:30-18:30
Part 1
Part 2
Private lessons 18:00 –>

Whole weekend (per couple): 1900,-

Only Friday: 400,-

Saturday+Sunday (per couple): 1600,-

Sign up by sending an email to, include your member number if you have one.
Sign up deadline for members of Oslo BDSM: 28.February
Open for sign up for non-members: 1.March-8.March

The cafe will be open during the breaks and water, soda, coffee and toast will be available.

For attendants, the signing up is binding, and if the workshop is full we will put you on a waiting list.
We reserve the right to prioritize couples who wish to attend the full weekend, and members of Oslo BDSM will automatically be prioritized as they have the opportunity to sign up first.
The attendance fee must be pre-paid to be confirmed, this can be done when we have a final list.

There is space for max 10 couples. On the Friday there is space for more people, information about that number will be updated as needed.

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