Bondage workshop med Gestalta

by Maduk

These are the requirements for attending:
Friday; single column tie and basic rope tensioning skills
Saturday and Sunday; experience with suspension, partial suspension and suspension lines

We welcome you to Bondageworkshop with Gestalta!

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The plan for the workshop is:

Friday evening:
Solid stem takate kote + third rope
Friday evening workshop is suitable for all levels
Materials required: 4 lengths of rope.

Saturday and Sunday:
This workshop is aimed at giving students thorough groundwork for working with suspensions, working with the body, and developing good communication between tying partners.
We will explore body movement and mechanics on the floor, in partial suspension, and in the air.
We will be using the takate kote from Friday night several times throughout the weekend learning how to make modifications to the tie for various different suspensions. We will look at suspension positions including face up, face down, side suspension and running person with the intention of working with your partner to understand how the body reacts within each position.
We will use partial suspensions to further understand body mechanics, and also to give students a range of options for more playful rope.
We will explore alternative options for models who struggle with the takate kote position, including hands free hishi harness, and alternative hand positioning.
Workshop suitable for those that already have some experience with suspensions
Materials required: 8 – 10 lengths of rope (if the venue does not have the possibility of suspending from bamboo, students will also need to bring approx. 6 carabiners and/or a suspension ring).

My approach to shibari has evolved as the result of over a decade of practice on both sides of the ropes and a broad range of influences which I appropriate, mix and develop in my own practice. This has shaped my teaching style into one that seeks to reflect the experience of both tying partners on a deep level. I have a strong belief that shibari should not be prescriptive and encourage students to explore it as a flexible set of tools; adapting each tie to the body of the tied partner, and to their needs and desires within each individual situation. My teaching process aims to enable this by giving students a framework of the fundamental principles behind shibari; including safety efficiency and fluency, but also body awareness, communication, and conscious consideration of their own experiences and motivations.

The time schedule for the weekend is:
18:00-21:00, door open from 17:30
Door open from 8:30
Session 1- 9:00-11:30
Break – 11:30-12:15
Session 2 – 12:15-14:45
Break – 14:45-15:30
Session 3 – 15:30-18:30
Door closes at 19:00

Door open from 9:30
Session 1-10:00-12:15
Break – 12:15-13:00
Session 2 – 13:00-15:30
Break – 15:30-16:00
Session 3 – 16:00-18:00
Door closes at 18:30

Members of Oslo BDSM have the priority when signing up, if they have done so before the 5th of May. From 6th of May it is open for everyone else to sign up. You do not have to be a member of Oslo BDSM to attend.

Sign up by sending an email to, include your member number if you have one.

Registration is binding and valid when pre-payment has been received; Account nr. 1503 21 97946
Note «Gestalta, (Name, membership number, your full name if you are not a member)» in the payment.
There is room for max 10 couples at this workshop

The whole weekend; 1900,- per couple
Saturday and Sunday; 1600,- per couple
Only Friday; 400,-

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